06 July 2008

Entertainment and the Environment

I was recently asked if the downturn in the economy had an impact on my business. I replied: "Not at all. When times are good, people want entertainment and when times are bad people need entertainment." The type of entertainment we participate in may change in good or bad times (I may not spend $75 on concert tickets when I'm on a tight budget, but I'll make it to the free EarthFest Concerts!)

Of course, in more uncertain economic times there certainly is some ebb in the amount of money people will spend on entertainment, but it seems to me that it's nothing comparable to the devastating downturn in the real estate industry. The massive numbers being posted by the box offices and CD sales is testament to that fact.

Given the staying power of the entertainment industry in all its many facets, and the potential to reach the masses, it only makes sense to incorporate sustainability into this area. The entertainment industry is uniquely poised in that we have the ability to reach all demographics. We can reduce our impact on the environment, do well by the communities in which we hold events, share information about stemming climate change and do it all in a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

Partying and being responsible have never been so easy to combine into one effort.

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